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After explaining my needs to Tim Wallen, of All American Cleaning, I was presented with several options to meet those needs. I am satified with the result.
- Steve Bonds -


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All American Cleaning is a California based small business founded in Imperial Valley in 1986.

All American Cleaning specializes in the installation and maintenance of wash racks and the waste water management, water recycling, bio-treatment, and detergents. All American Cleaning distributes pressure washers and parts, degreasers, bio-treatment, and wash water filtration.

In addition, All American Cleaning specializes in the washing of industrial equipment and treating run-off water. All American Cleaning also provides professional design of wash racks (portable and stationary), with installation and maintenance of all equipment we distribute. Our commercial products are used throughout the Califonia state government as well as cities, schools, Imperial County, and private business.

All American Cleaning qualifies as a small business and being in a hub zone All American Cleaning is a hub zone certified business.

Some All American Cleaning Customers:
  • Brown and Root
  • Imperial Irrigation District
  • City of Calexico
  • US Gypsum
  • County of Imperial
  • City of El Centro
  • United States Border Patrol
  • Dept. of Homeland Security
  • El Centro Naval Air Station
  • Cal Trans

All American Cleaning is current with EPA laws and can assist you in this regard









All American Cleaning is a proud distributer for the following companies:
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